1 Hour Fire Rated Plywood and Plywood Rating and Specification

There are no buildings are really fireproof. Especially if the building is made of plywood. Some of the ply wood are burning so fast while others not so fast. Beside that there is also 1 hour […]

3 Quarter Inch Plywood and ¾ Pressure Rated Plywood

Sometimes when you want to buy plywood you should state clearly what size that you want, or else the seller will give you the wrong size. Plywood sheets are usually sold as 4 feet wide […]

The Strongest Engineered Wood Beam

There are several kinds of engineered wood beams. Some of them may be stronger and some of them are less strong. Therefore, it is important to know whether you are choosing the right engineered wood […]

Laminated Veneer Lumber Beams and Its Manufacturing Process

Laminated Veneer Lumber beams or well known as LVL is a kind of high-strength engineered log which can be used as a substitute to substantial log, timber, concrete, steel which is used for structural applications. It […]