1 Hour Fire Rated Plywood and Plywood Rating and Specification

There are no buildings are really fireproof. Especially if the building is made of plywood. Some of the ply wood are burning so fast while others not so fast. Beside that there is also 1 hour fire rated plywood, 2 hours rated and so on. In a lot of cases, ordinary wood-frame construction with plywood could provide ample fire safety and it is entirely acceptable. Nonetheless, in some unusual conditions there will need an additional protection such as protected construction, treated construction and the last but not least a timber construction.

Plywood is adaptable woods product which can be applied at so many things start from woodworking to homebuilding. The manufactures cut the log thinly and then veneer them and after that they flatten and grades the veneer. Furthermore, they will glue them together and they will be processed in some different heat and pressure. There are different kind of plywood rating and specifications that will determine their usage, strength, and application. Here are the list of plywood ratings and specifications:

Veneers grade: it ranges from A to D. Veneers grade A and N have the best appearance. There are no visible repair and they don’t have knots. Grade B veneers have several small patches and knots. Meanwhile the graded C veneers have small open knots and larger patch hole.

Plywood letter grades: Each sheet of plywood will receive a letter according to the veneer grade that is assigned to it.

Exposure Specification: it indicates that there is exact allowance of the exposure to moisturise the plywood. 

Plywood strength: plywood span rating indicates the span between framing members of framing and flooring.Grading stamps: The engineered woods association administers plywood grading and grant the use of stamp with the APA’s logo. This logo is placed on the top section which is used to identify the use and the grade of the plywood. 

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