3 Quarter Inch Plywood and ¾ Pressure Rated Plywood

Sometimes when you want to buy plywood you should state clearly what size that you want, or else the seller will give you the wrong size. Plywood sheets are usually sold as 4 feet wide and 2,5 feet wide. Moreover, they also sell plywood in length of 8 feet to 12 feet. The thickness of the plywood is often confusing because the thickness of the plywood sometimes can vary and people doesn’t quite know the exact thickness. The most common size of plywood that sold in US are 3 quarter inch plywood, ½” inch and ¼”. Nonetheless, it is not really correct because a ¾” inch plywood is 23/32 inch, it also happens with 1/2” inch which the correct size is 15/32” inch and the ¼” inch which should be labelled as 7/32” inch. However, everyone still calls them as ¾” inch, ½” inch and ¼ “ inch.

3/4 inch pressure treated plywood is an exterior-grade plywood which is used to layer and protect your plywood. It will resist a rot and decay for the rest of time. It is also a preferred flooring material for outdoor building such as shed. It will deny the decomposition from being exposed to wet weather such as rain and snow. In a wet and moody circumstances an instalment of pressured treated plywood is a must in order to maintain the utility of your outdoor building. In order to get pressure treated plywood, the plywood will be treated under some chemical compounds which is helped in fighting the weathering and insects. These chemical usually includes chromium and arsenic. Therefore, such a good precaution should be taken when handling this kind of plywood. Moreover, this ¾ inch pressure treated plywood is suitable for heavy dusty outdoor building. Pressure treated plywood could be stained or painted. However, before you paint your plywood you should let it completely dry.

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