The Strongest Engineered Wood Beam

There are several kinds of engineered wood beams. Some of them may be stronger and some of them are less strong. Therefore, it is important to know whether you are choosing the right engineered wood beam or not. Here is one of the strongest engineered wood beams that you could consider. The strongest engineered wood beam that you could consider is parallel strand lumber or PSL. This kind of wood engineered product is used when high strength are required in its application. It is manufactured from veneers that laid in to long, parallel strand that is glued together. PSL is commonly used in beam and header that needs high strength for it is application. Generally, PSL are more expensive compared with LVL LSL or Glulam. PSL beams could be installed where aesthetically pleasing exposed utilization are wanted.

The typical engineered floor joist is made from I shapes lumber. That is way it is commonly called Ijoist. Floor joist are available in many kinds of depths and lengths that are suitable for residential 

And commercial building.  It can be customized for plans that need unusual size. If you want order ijoist you should consider your deflection, loads, joist weight and depth, span and somehow the code of requirements so you could order the perfect engineered floor joists span table. Structural beam deflection and stress are the most vital contributing factor to determine joist span. Therefore, you should be more careful when find out your deflection. Loads are important too. You should know better about the overall the death and live weight that will be in finished floor. To determine the span you need to consider your deflection, loads, and its weight and depth.  Commonly, a standard or minimum code requirements for a standard project will need the L360 table with a 40 per square foot live loaf and for death load it usually 10 per square.

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